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Post  Cheapsalsa on Sun Aug 21, 2011 11:34 am

[SOUND] {special operations under new definition} is recruiting!

Join us and have some fun!
SOUND's goal is to achieve victory, a friendly environment, and a long lasting life. Anyone mature, fun loving, or interesting in nature can be a part of SOUND's mission!

Roles and payments(by week, if land is or has been owned):
Commander(Has complete control over clan.) pay: 40 gold
Commander Depute(Can do almost every thing as the commander.) pay: 30 gold
Diplomat(Can spy on enemy clans, makes treaties and alliances.) pay: 25 gold
Field Commander(Can command battles if allowed by depute or commander, Can start clan battles if a headquarters is owned by the clan) pay: 20 gold
Treasurer(Pays out gold from treasury to members(by pay roll weekly) pay: 15 gold
Recruiter(Recruits other members to join the clan) pay: 15 gold
Soldier(Participates in clan battles) pay: 10 gold
Recruit(Becomes a soldier and participates in clan battles after and while owning a tier 5) pay: 0 gold

Terms and Conditions:
You need to play at least once a week.
You MUST own a tier 5+ artillery or tier 6+ medium or tier 5+ heavy if you want to play in clan wars.
You should listen to your commanding officers or suggest your own ideas.
You need play strategically and have a fun time.

Check [SOUND] out here, also you can sign up their by hitting apply and sending us an application


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